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    Contact us

    Customer can obtain consultation and communicate with us through network platform, telephone, E-mail and MSN and etc.
    We provide technical matters as well as product knowledge and information concerned with products.
    We can provide premium, effective and reliable solutions and quotations according to customers’ requirements and budgets.
    We also provide customer-case visiting to understand utilizations of our products at site. We warmly welcome customers to visit our factory prior to placing an order.

    Address: No.6 Dongmeng Road, Dongmeng Science Park District, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China
    International Trade Department: 86-510-86175783
    Fax: 86-510-86175778
    Post code: 214405
    Website: http://www.chinasiliconsteel.com
    TEL: 86-510-86175783
    Email: joylu@www.nnb3.com
    SKYPE: lucaixia2008

    TEL: 86-510-86171550
    Email: annachen@www.nnb3.com ?
    SKYPE: chenhaiyanhaha